Supporting a broadband provider with location-specific stakeholder research and engagement

Various locations, UK


BeFibre exists to change the perception that the broadband market is full of broken promises when it comes to speed, reliability and customer service. It aims to positively influence how communities live, work and play – which, ultimately, comes down to ‘Broadband as it should Be’.

Project Overview

A newly launched broadband company keen to have a positive impact in each of its build areas, BeFibre tasked Scriba with carrying out structured research to uncover key stakeholder contacts within each of the areas its network serves. 

The aim of the research was to provide BeFibre with location-specific information for regions across the UK — from parish to county council level — and it was to include MPs.

“Scriba has been instrumental in facilitating meaningful engagement in the areas we serve. Through dedicated research and targeted communication strategies, we've forged strong connections with stakeholders across our communities to lay the groundwork for BeFibre's customer-centric and reliable approach to deliver 'Broadband as it should Be’."

Charlotte Hodge, senior brand and marketing manager, BeFibre

Project Details

Scriba PR managed an end-to-end research project for BeFibre, to help gather vital contact information of key stakeholders operating within each of its build areas across the UK. With BeFibre’s key network areas confirmed, we were instrumental in researching key council and highways officer contacts per area. 

Research locations across the UK included:

  • Worcester

  • Shrewsbury

  • Maltby

  • Killamarsh

  • Harold Hill

  • Evesham

  • Droitwich

  • Dinnington

  • Brentwood

  • Clacton-on-Sea

Alongside our involvement in BeFibre’s stakeholder engagement process, we offered copywriting assistance to the BeFibre team with the drafting of letters to stakeholders and other outreach documentation to inform them of the provider’s upcoming presence in the community. 

BeFibre is a retained client of Scriba PR. We continue to support the broadband provider — alongside our sister agency, The Bigger Boat — across all aspects of its PR and marketing efforts. 

Campaign delivery

  • UK-wide stakeholder research

  • Credential documentation copywriting

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