The team that ignites the spark.

We have a real flair for what we do, with a rich blend of skills and talent that complement each other. The experience of working with us should feel effortless and, most of all, enjoyable. Our skilled team of comms professionals, including former journalists, aim to be a breath of fresh air. We see the solutions, not the problems – and make sure every word counts.

What drives us.

We are perceived and measured by the impact we make – be it commercial outcomes or the relationships we build with colleagues, partners, and clients.

Andy McCaul
Managing director

Digital marketer. Data lover. Client focused. Communicator. Analytical. Problem solver. Persistent. Coffee fuelled. Footie follower. Scientist in another life.

Doug Main
Managing director

Creative. Designer. Branding guru. Doodler. Perfectionist. Storyteller. Kaizen. Foodie. Paddle boarder. Cycling fanatic.

Lee Boothroyd

Digital expert. Technically minded. Debugger. Code lover. Thorough. Level headed. Teammate upskiller. Cheese consumer. Thoughtful. Lego conqueror.

Carrie Webb
Group head of content

Feature writer. Content obsessive. Inquisitive. Dot connector. Storyteller. Stickler for detail. Supportive. Conscientious. Dedicated. Food lover.

Louise Jaggar
Operations manager

Organiser. People person. Confident. Caring. Law graduate. Optimist. List-lover. Bookworm. Bubbly. Dance floor fan.

Grace Lenihan
Account director

Positive. Go-getter. Dependable. Early bird. Agile. Thought-provoker. Proactive innovator. Weightlifter. Darts fan. Sporty Spice.

Kirstie Wilson
Account director

Media relations buff. Strategic. Goal-orientated. Optimist. Solution-focused. Outdoorsy. Open. Driven. Scribbler. Roadtripper.

Kat Plant
Client relations manager

Customer champion. Organised. Creative thinker. Experienced designer. Focused. Resourceful. Approachable. Eager to learn. Positive attitude. Conscientious. Adores anything Bowie.

Beth Lunt
Account manager

Lateral thinker. Strategic planner. Motivated. Trustworthy. Reliable. Kind. Fashion communications graduate.

Ellie Byrne
Media relations manager

Linguistics graduate. Creative writer. Storyteller. Perfectionist. Ultimate organiser. Curious. Collaborative. Results-driven. Formula one fanatic. Traveller.

Rosie Holt

Burgeoning copywriter. Fiercely tenacious. Dependable. Diligent. Inquisitive. Perceptive. Creatively adventurous. Resourceful. Fervent foodie. Beauty enthusiast.

Lauren Boyles
PR Executive

History grad. Adventurer. Kind-hearted. Book obsessed. Talkative. Realist. Sports watcher. Note-taker. Questioning. Thoughtful.

Lauren Spencer
PR Executive

Ambitious. Persistent. Adaptable. Master of Social Sciences. Optimistic. Understanding. Open-minded. Honest. Foodie. Gym enthusiast.

Our words
need you

Whether we’re advertising a vacancy or not, we’re always keen to hear from bright sparks looking to join the team – and recruit on a person-first basis. Capture our attention however you see fit – and tell us why we need to meet you!

Ideally you’ll have some fantastic examples of technical B2B content up your sleeve. If you don’t, or you need someone to take a chance on you, we’ll send you a task so you can show us how you’d nail it.

Join the team
“The team at Scriba PR has always impressed me with their commitment to personal development. They truly get the link between investment in learning and delivering best-in-class service. They are growth mindset in action! “They socialise and contribute to their community as a unit and have an open, straightforward culture of feedback which makes for a strong and resilient team. I'm in no doubt that clients benefit from the attention Scriba PR gives to its personal growth.”

Natasha McCreesh, founder, PiPtoGrowStrong.

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