Understanding the needs of colleagues to make them feel informed, valued, and heard

Leeds, UK

AutoProtect Group

AutoProtect provides insurance products and dealer warranties to vehicle manufacturers and retailers of all types and sizes throughout the UK, Europe, and globally.

Project overview

AutoProtect Group had grown quickly to encompass several complementary, but culturally diverse organisations.

The brief was to ‘kick off’ an internal communications program which would enthuse and engage staff, with the objective of obtaining buy-in into the overarching – and recently defined – company culture and values.

“My relationship with Scriba extends over eight years, and I’ve worked with the team on many short and long-term projects. The reason I turn to them time and again is they simply understand what organisations are trying to achieve – and how to make it happen, through comms. As an in-house marketer, it’s refreshing to work with a third-party agency that doesn’t need hand-holding and you can trust to deliver a brief on-time. They are very much results-driven friends.”

Kate Swinscoe, head of marketing, APG.

20 hours of in-depth interviews

over 250 colleagues considered

10 communications channels utilised

Project details

AutoProtect had recently refocused its purpose, values and culture following a period of growth – and change – for the Group. Prior to the appointment of a new communications manager, Scriba was brought in as a ‘critical friend’ to develop a framework which would help deliver the new values to each and every colleague across the business.

We were tasked with four key objectives:

  • Help reduce the number of silos within the business

  • Plan to provide reassurance following a period of transformation

  • Support the implementation of cultural change

  • Ensure regular updates via the channels that matter

AutoProtect wanted to harness the power of an internal comms strategy to disseminate important information on a company-wide scale – sharing the right information, with the right colleagues, at the right time to energise the team and boost morale.

Prior to writing the strategy itself, Scriba spoke to several departmental heads to gauge each team’s pain points as well as their preferred method and frequency of communication. By understanding the nuances of the workforce, we were able to make recommendations designed to remedy the feelings of frustration within each area — plans which were easy for the small comms team to implement on a monthly basis, too.

The appointment of AutoProtect’s new internal communications lead saw the implementation ++strategy begin to take shape, with the insights garnered through the internal research being shared and built upon. The result was a plan of regular communications which could be carried out via a multitude of channels and on an ongoing basis to inform and engage employees, alongside one-off hero campaigns that can be implemented a few times per year on a larger scale but with more impact, and other ideas which might reinvigorate the workforce longer-term.

Campaign delivery

  • Internal communication strategy development

  • Realising the wider business strategy in terms of staff retention

  • Stakeholder research – including investors

  • Extensive employee engagement

  • Campaign planning including launch event

  • Reviewing options for intranet functionality

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