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Society of Dyers and Colourists

The SDC works globally, with worldwide membership and is a centre for networking and community engagement amongst the coloration industry.

Project Overview

After impressing the board with Scriba’s grasp of a niche one-off project, we were entrusted with the responsibility to tackle the coveted quarterly magazine, distributed to — and read by — over 1,200 of the SDC’s global members.

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Having received unparalleled PR support from the Scriba PR team for a number of years, we had every confidence in its ability to deliver high-quality, sophisticated results when tasked with producing The Colourist each quarter. Combining eye-catching design with thought-provoking editorial, the results are exactly what the SDC board representatives — and by extension, our members — were looking for.

Dr Graham Clayton, chief executive officer, Society of Dyers and Colourists

Project Details

Carefully curating participant interviews, industry viewpoints, membership success stories, and historical archives from the world of colour – as well as the latest on matters of education and training — the magazine encapsulates the most relevant insight to share across a number of online portals. 

Drawing on the experience and expertise of the former journalists among the team, Scriba works closely with the Society’s executives, including the CEO, to ensure each page hits the mark, both in terms of content and design — harnessing the brand’s unique voice, tone, and style. Our editorial craftsmanship has since been housed in The British Library.

Campaign delivery

  • Curating, drafting, and designing The Colourist magazine for members

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