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Hampshire, UK


Hampshire-based Tiger is a workplace data analytics software firm that collates trillions of pieces of data via unified communications and collaboration solutions to businesses in sectors including healthcare, public sector, insurance, manufacturing, aerospace, and logistics.

Project Overview

Appointed to raise the profile of the Tiger brand and its key spokespeople, Scriba also began to work increasingly closely with the board to add depth to the company’s strategic proposition. A rebrand had given the tech firm a new visual identity but the marketing team felt it could work harder in terms of market cut-through.

We found ourselves in a crucial transitionary phase, moving from a traditional product-focused firm to a savvy SaaS business with net recurring revenues. We had a visual brand identity fit for the future, but it lacked the depth we needed to truly take this to market with gusto. Our marketing team had an incredible level of insight, but almost too much intel. Scriba helped unpick the detail we really needed, and gave us a clear and compelling proposition we were proud of – and all instantly believed had ‘legs’. The team’s sharp external eye also meant we remedied challenges with our new website, almost instantly.

Jon Pickering, CEO, Tiger

Full rework of all web content in less than 24 hours


hours of insight transformed into 3 pages of fundamental company narrative

SaaS market penetration underway

Project Details

Tiger’s marketing lead conducted a vast amount of qualitative and quantitative research to delve deeper into the needs, pains and opportunities that existed within the target customer base. With almost too much insight to then work with, they enlisted the expertise of Scriba to manage a series of workshops – with a fresh pair of eyes – to help curate a compelling proposition the SaaS business could take to market. In other words, why Tiger?

This was further developed to create a complete messaging framework, with narrative to better convey Tiger’s company story as well as that of its technology stack. Guidance centred not just on the language that should be used at every communications touchpoint, but also how the software could be explained visually too. The goal was not to alienate any proportion of the market – however straightforward or complex their requirements – given Tiger’s technology could cater for all.

This communications ‘anchor’ now underpins everything from fresh website narrative – which was reworked by several members of the Scriba team in one day – to the sales team’s own crib sheets, and everything in-between.

Campaign delivery

  • Brand proposition development

  • Delivery of insight workshops

  • Creation of messaging frameworks

  • Provision of briefs for spin-off communications assets

  • Copywriting

  • Presentations to board

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