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UNTHA UK is one of the UK’s leading industrial shredder providers for waste and recycling projects. The company is based in Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire, and forms part of the global UNTHA brand, headquartered in Austria.

Once a company that spent a six-figure sum on advertising and events per annum, UNTHA UK now has a strategic marketing plan, entirely conceptualised, budgeted for, and executed by Scriba. They have had an indescribable impact on the growth of our business – year on year – working closely with every department to maximise both the customer experience and UNTHA’s growth, at every touchpoint. They generate more leads than we can handle, such is the profile and continued exposure of our brand.

Marcus Brew, managing director, UNTHA UK

Project Overview

Having worked with Scriba’s founder since the early 2000s, it has been an exciting communications journey for UNTHA UK, which still feels like it’s only just getting started with every new milestone hit. Once a local machinery company, then acquired by an Austrian manufacturing giant, UNTHA UK is now an award-winning firm with a voice on the global stage.

And every single word of communications, comes back to the Scriba team.

Enquiries from one event
Trending on Twitter
revenue growth year on year

Project Details

From a seat on the BBC Breakfast Show’s red sofa, to multimedia product launch campaigns that generate more leads than the team can handle, this is by far Scriba’s most exciting project to date – spanning a decade of comms and counting.

During that time we’ve project managed a website overhaul which consistently generates 50+ qualified leads per month (for six-figure equipment); completely redefined an events strategy which says ‘no’ to expensive expos in favour of UNTHA’s own industry-recognised showcases; mapped out automated comms journeys which push the right messages to the right people at the right time; reached millions globally via highly-technical environmental PR; and trended #1 on Twitter as part of Global Recycling Day to raise awareness of the resource value of redundant electrical appliances.

Campaign delivery

  • Marketing director responsibilities, including strategic target setting and delivery of KPIs (to budget) at board level.

  • Dialogue with all company departments to ensure consistent internal and external comms from demand and lead generation, through to sales, upsell and ongoing retention.

  • Responsibility for all written and visual communications – PR, ongoing website content, guides, white papers, brochures, factsheets, email marketing, social media, award entries, film scripts, presentations, speaking slots on the global stage and more.

  • Briefing, management and review of third-party relationships including website agency, SEO specialist, videographer, photographer etc.

  • End-to-end delivery of events including all comms support.

  • Launch and ongoing management of all internal communication initiatives.

  • Kickstart of communications in Australia.

  • Seat at the global marketing table at UNTHA’s Austrian HQ including knowledge-transfer trips with the central team in Salzburg.

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