CheckFire Ltd introduces new and improved fluorine-free enviroFoam fire extinguisher range

CheckFire Ltd – a trade-only fire safety supplier – is proud to introduce an advancement in its product line with the new and improved enviroFoam fire extinguisher range which is fluorine-free. Fire extinguishers containing Per- and PolyFluoroAlkylated Substances (PFAS) that make aqueous film forming foam (AFFF) have recently become a key topic of discussion, creating the need for fluorine-free foam fire extinguishers capable of tackling Class B flammable liquid fires.

In recent years, studies have found that PFAS in AFFF, an effective solution for extinguishing Class B fires, are also what makes them harmful to the environment, wildlife, and human lives. For this reason, some PFAS chemicals have been banned since 2020, with further legal restrictions set to follow imminently.

Recognising the need for an environmentally responsible solution, CheckFire has responded proactively by launching a new range of improved CommanderEDGE enviroFoam fluorine-free fire extinguishers.

With legislative measures already in place to restrict the use of PFAS-containing fire extinguishers, the range is a perfect fluorine-free solution that doesn’t compromise on fire safety performance. CheckFire's CommanderEDGE enviroFoam range addresses this demand by offering a lineup of fluorine-free fire extinguishers suitable for diverse applications, including industrial warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and laboratories.

The versatility of the enviroFoam range is further demonstrated by its availability in two different sizes: 6ltr, and 9ltr units, catering to various fire risk assessment requirements across industries.

enviroFoam fluorine-free foam fire extinguishers not only meet but exceed industry standards with an impressive 27A 183B rating for the 9ltr unit and 27A 144B for the 6ltr, ensuring optimal performance in combating Class B flammable liquid fires. Furthermore, the internationally recognised BS Kitemark certification highlights the reliability and quality of the fire extinguishers, providing customers with added peace of mind.

On the introduction of the new and improved range, Toria Jones, head of marketing at CheckFire, commented: "With the potential upcoming changes in legislation, we wanted to be prepared with a more eco-conscious product line. That’s why we’ve developed our Green Range to support businesses looking to improve their sustainability efforts."

By embracing CheckFire's fluorine-free CommanderEDGE enviroFoam range, businesses can further demonstrate their commitment to becoming greener, while ensuring robust fire protection measures, thereby safeguarding both their assets and the planet.

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