Fire safety specialist CheckFire recycles 1,000 tonnes of fire extinguishers in 2023

CheckFire Ltd – the trade-only fire safety supplier – demonstrates its commitment to environmental responsibility by recycling a significant 1,000 tonnes of fire extinguishers in 2023, as part of its recycling service for customers. This effort translates to recycling approximately 259,067 Commander 6ltr fire extinguishers, reinforcing CheckFire's position as an industry leader in fire extinguisher recycling services. 

The process of recycling fire extinguishers is a crucial component of CheckFire's dedication to safety and environmental responsibility. The company emphasises the significance of regular maintenance, servicing, and inspection of fire extinguishers to ensure they’re fit for purpose, and comply with best practices as outlined in BS5306.

Correct disposal of expired or faulty fire extinguishers is essential to avoiding environmental harm. CheckFire recycled not only 1,000 tonnes of fire extinguishers but also 50 tonnes of associated cardboard packaging in 2023. This eco-friendly approach underlines the company's dedication to a more sustainable fire safety industry.

Proper disposal ensures individual and community safety by minimising health risks associated with handling hazardous waste, such as the extreme coldness of CO2 fire extinguishers or irritants from dry powder units. From a financial perspective, investing in new, high-performance units, while responsibly recycling older ones, can be a financially savvy decision, particularly for CheckFire trade customers who value quality fire safety equipment.

CheckFire makes fire extinguisher recycling simple and effective with a three-step process. First, customers can arrange for the collection or drop off of units at the CheckFire Ltd site in Caerphilly and all CheckFire depots. Safety protocols are strictly followed during unloading. Next, the recycling team processes requests and sorts units according to type. Any potentially unsafe units undergo further examination in a quarantine area. Lastly, authorised units undergo dismantling, with each element sorted and recycled appropriately. CheckFire ensures that materials like steel, brass, and plastic are reused across various industries.

CheckFire stands at the forefront of responsible fire safety practices, and recycling fire extinguishers is not merely a process for the company; it is a commitment to safeguarding the planet and communities. Every recycled fire extinguisher contributes to a cleaner, safer future—highlighting the importance of making conscious choices for fire safety compliance alongside environmental wellbeing.

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