Fusion IT Management to host inaugural tech support meet-up in Brighouse

A trusted advisor and strategic partner, Fusion IT Management (Fusion) is proud to announce its inaugural tech support meet-up. Taking place on Wednesday 13 December at the heart of Brighouse’s community, Jeremy’s at the Boathouse, the event marks a significant stride towards fostering collaborative solutions in the dynamic and constantly evolving IT landscape.

With a rich heritage of expertise spanning diverse sectors including legal, manufacturing, construction and property — to name just a few — Fusion is well versed on the technological challenges plaguing organisations in our region right now. In response to the rapidly growing threats being exposed in the cyber security space, the firm is keen to help firms stay ahead of the curve, irrespective of their size or budget. 

The lunchtime meet-up promises to be an enriching experience, featuring thought-provoking discussions led by Jamie Watson, the firm’s founder and managing director, and Richard Payne, support business development manager. Sam Darling, cyber security business development manager at TD Synnex — a global distributor and solutions aggregator in the IT industry — will also join for a virtual speaking slot, uncovering the latest trends and threats, as well as how to navigate them effectively.

"Since our inception in 2003, Fusion has been dedicated to delivering truly tech-agnostic support to our clients, helping them streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and prevent costs from spiralling unnecessarily,” says Jamie Watosn. “But our commitment extends beyond transactional business interactions. It's about fostering genuine connections and understanding the unique challenges our community faces on an ongoing basis.

“In organising this meet-up, we aim to take this ethos a step further. We believe in talking to people in a candid way, uncovering more of their specific pain points, and helping them overcome barriers for strategic success. By doing so, we not only supercharge individual businesses but also strengthen the very fabric of our local business ecosystem and the IT network that sustains it.”

Richard Payne echoed this sentiment, concluding: “This event is more than just an initiative; it's a testament to our belief in collaboration and shared growth. We are excited about the prospect of creating a space where IT professionals can exchange ideas openly. If successful, there will be plenty more to come, as it will mark the beginning of a series of initiatives. For now, we're thrilled to get the ball rolling.”

The convention is set to take place from approximately 12:00 and conclude at 14:30 on Wednesday 13 December. To secure your spot, and play a key role in shaping the future of IT and technology in our community, you should RSVP here. Alternatively, you can email richard.payne@fusionmanageit.co.uk

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