New name for Society of Dyers and Colourists’ programme of educational courses

The Society of Dyers and Colourists (SDC) has announced a new all-encompassing name for its suite of educational opportunities ahead of its autumn enrolment 2022.

The Society of Dyers and Colourists (SDC) has announced a new all-encompassing name for its suite of educational opportunities ahead of its autumn enrolment 2022. 

Courses leading to globally recognised qualifications will now be collectively known as Textile Coloration Science and Technology reflecting the SDC’s quest to educate the changing world in the science of colour. 

This umbrella name covers the Foundation Textile Coloration Certificate (FTCC), Textile Coloration Certificate (TCC) and the honours-degree equivalent level 6 Associateship of the SDC (ASDC) which retain their own, specific qualification names. 

Employers and their candidates are now urged to register to start studying for FTCC and TCC in September, and ASDC in October, before applications close on Thursday June 30 for FTCC and TCC, and Sunday July 31 for ASDC. 

Dr Graham Clayton, chief executive of the SDC, said: “As a forward-thinking organisation, we wanted to emphasis the unique product identity of our educational opportunities. 

“Textile Coloration Science and Technology is a two-part name that describes exactly what we are offering employers and employees in our international industry.” 

Graham continued: “Textile Coloration signifies the subject or field of study. Science and Technology describes the overarching knowledge and skill-based learning topics on which the qualification is centred.” 

The SDC aims for the new name to become instantly recognisable as the succession of courses and qualifications that combine to provide the world’s go-to stamp of authority in colour education – and open the door to the unique, professional award status of Chartered Colourist (CCol). 

Teaching and assessment for all SDC courses is online, meaning that learners can join from anywhere in the world – and be part of a likeminded peer group of professionals from diverse locations, bringing global experiences. 

Course fees for the ASDC are less than half of those for a conventional university degree course and this technical, sector-specific qualification is often a pivotal point for graduates who go on to enjoy international careers thanks to their in-demand skills and knowhow. 

Typically employers cover course fees as part of their corporate personal development offerings but students can be self-funding. Bursaries are available from the SDC to offer financial help. 

The Worshipful Company of Dyers works with the SDC to cover up to 60% of fees for UK companies putting forward employees for FTCC and TCC qualifications, under the Future Dyers’ Fund

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