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Trenches Law launches surveying service to bust barrier to connectivity

Trenches Law – the legal specialist for the electronic communications industry – has launched a new service to further breakdown the barriers to gigabit-capable connectivity in the UK.

Acknowledging the distinct lack of qualified surveyors within the market – and the impact this is having on the country’s ambitious infrastructure projects – the award-winning team is tackling the problem head on with the creation of its own surveying service.

By enlisting a five-strong team of surveyors, Trenches Law’s goal is to empower freeholders and managing agents of MDUs with the information they need to then sign the wayleaves associated with a network build. This should accelerate the wayleave process, and better protect network providers from delayed programmes of work.

The fast-growth firm has already caused ripples throughout the world of fibre, connectivity, and technological infrastructure, for its ability to combine industry experience and automation, to solve the obstacles known to plague the telecoms industry.  

“The media’s headlines are dominated with stories detailing the need for greater connectivity in the UK, but we also know there are an overwhelming number of challenges holding even the most ambitious telcos back,” commented Terry Daniell, operations director and co-founder of Trenches Law. “Our mission has always been to innovate to overcome these challenges – whether using technology or talent. So, when we saw project after project being delayed because of the UK’s lack of surveyors, we once again decided to do something about it.”

While recognising that every build is different, Trenches Law has worked closely with altnet Digital Infrastructure on a pilot scheme to beta test the service prior to launch.

“Some clients are looking for simple summary information, while others seek detailed planning packs containing over 30 spreadsheets, drawings, details of fixings, fire safety assessments and more,” continued Terry. “We acknowledge that there’s no such thing as ‘one size fits all’, and that’s OK with us.”

The launch of the surveying service means Trenches Law can now offer an end-to-end compliant solution – if required – from initial support at the network design phase, through to wayleave management, surveying, and completion.

“For us, it’s the ultimate client impact reduction strategy,” concluded Terry.

Offering a final thought, Charlie Ruddy, CEO of Digital Infrastructure said: “Managing all aspects of wayleaves is key to unlocking the pace and scale to bringing full fibre solutions to the MDU environment. Trenches Law continue to lead the way in this challenging eco system.”

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