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Trenches Wayleave Ltd granted Code powers to boost digital infrastructure in MDU and MBUs

Trenches Wayleave Ltd (Trenches Law), specialist in wayleave agreements for electronic communications networks, has been granted Code powers from Ofcom under section 106(4)(b) of the Communications Act 2003 (the Act).

Hot on the heels of announcing Simon Burckhardt as the new non-executive director, this milestone marks a significant period of growth and expansion for the firm. With the company’s focus on multi-dwelling units (MDUs) and multi-business units (MBUs), it will also play a key role in addressing the pressing issue of limited broadband access in overlooked communities.

Trenches Law's approach involves assisting in the speedy deployment of fibre distribution networks within MDUs and MBUs, a crucial step toward providing gigabit-capable broadband to an estimated six million residential premises. This move aims to bridge the digital divide, ensuring that occupants in MDUs private roads, shared driveways, MBUs, and business parks have access to high-speed, reliable internet services. 

Commenting on the news, co-founder and operations director Terry Daniell said: “Seamless connectivity isn’t just about convenience — it’s now an essential lifeline for work, communication, and progress. As a neutral intermediary, we’re committed to fostering productive dialogue between stakeholders to help deliver the digital resources MDU and MBU occupants, amongst others, deserve. 

“But it’s not just about bridging the digital divide. Within these challenges also lies a golden opportunity for investors who are keen to leverage a more cost-effective path to growth, with lower average build prices. For landlords responsible for improving connectivity architecture in MDUs and MBUs, a more streamlined, end-to-end process should be welcome news too.”

The assistance with the deployment of the proposed infrastructure system aligns with regulatory objectives, fostering access to high-capacity networks and a wide range of communication services, including high-speed data transfer. Furthermore, the sharing of fibre distribution networks among operators, facilitated by the granted Code powers, will minimise unnecessary proliferation of electronic communications apparatus, contributing to environmental sustainability in line with government objectives.

This development is also expected to enhance competition, encourage innovation, and expand customer choice in the broadband market, with Trenches Law encouraging operators to deploy in MDUs  and MBUs, amongst others, that would otherwise be less attractive to service, and therefore provide end users with new and improved services.

The business is trusted by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, via its sister company Trenches Ltd.

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