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Media relations

Craft newsworthy stories that resonate with impact and integrity

PR doesn’t stand for “press release”. Strengthening media relations in public relations doesn’t happen overnight. And not every move your business makes will warrant national outreach. But that’s OK. With a raft of former journalists within the team — who know the industry inside-out — we’ll delve into your business to unearth stories that are genuinely newsworthy, and capable of capturing the attention of target titles, and their readers.

It could be a reactive newsjacking comment cementing your spokesperson’s expertise, a groundbreaking innovation set to shake up the market, or a series of hires marking your next phase of growth. Whatever the headline, we’ll uncover the angle that brings your story to life. And we’ll make sure it’s placed on the most opportune platform — be it broadcast, digital, or print. Most importantly, we’ll oversee your B2B media relations strategy from inception to execution. That way, you can rest easy knowing every interaction with journalists, editors, outlets, and the public builds consistency, credibility, and integrity.

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