Elke Richards — A week of work experience at Scriba PR

Scriba has been my very first week of work experience, and I am so grateful that I have had this opportunity!

On my first day I was optimistic, but also nervous. I am currently a high school student, so the workplace is completely new and different to me. Although this can be daunting, I wanted to take this opportunity in my stride and learn everything I could from this exciting experience. Despite the nerves, as soon as I walked into the office (which is beautifully designed) I had a smile across my face.

I was quickly welcomed by the lovely Scriba team who were all extremely friendly. I first joined the team in their weekly Monday morning meeting, which gave me a great insight as to what PR was all about, as well as getting to know the new faces I would be working with for the foreseeable week. I was then given a task to put client events in a yearly online calendar which kept me busy. This was a great introduction to work and although it was all new to me, I felt that I eased into it perfectly.

On day two and three, I attended both internal and external meetings — one which was with The Bigger Boat and one with BeFibre. I enjoyed observing and listening to what goes on behind the scenes of companies. Throughout these meetings, I learnt a lot from a marketing perspective as I could relate to seeing advertisements on social media from a possible customer's point of view. I was also very well looked after, and was provided with a lovely lunch!

Throughout the week I was given research tasks for Scriba’s clients. For example, finding possible business awards they could enter into and hopefully win. On top of researching, I was shown how to issue and reissue a press release, email publishers, upload to websites and taught how clippings and coverage are relevant to a PR company such as Scriba. I had never done any of this before, and it really opened my eyes to how many elements are involved in this interesting profession.

Overall this experience sparked so many questions for me to ask which the team were always more than happy to answer. Thank you so much Scriba, I’ve enjoyed every minute of my week!

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