Eight thought-leadership accounts you need to follow on Twitter

Keeping our finger on the newsbeat pulse is part of our DNA here at Scriba PR. But as well as remaining in the loop with what’s going on in the headlines, scrolling through our social feeds for thought-provoking content is also one of our daily pastimes – whether that’s for scouting out some killer content ideas, following the latest campaigns, or to simply fuel our desire to learn.

Here are some of our team’s myriad of favourite Twitter profiles to have a look at when you’re next having a brew break.

1. Famous Campaigns (@famouscampaigns)

At the top of our list is one of the Scriba collective’s favourite, and it’s centred around all-things PR and marketing campaigns.

Our go-to place for branding inspiration, it’s full of clever comms examples which always brighten up your day and get those creative cogs whirring.

2. Neil Patel (@neilpatel)

One of the most well-known names within the SEO, content, social media, and digital marketing spaces, Neil regularly shares news and updates that can help brands to rethink and optimise their current strategies.

He’s a New York Times bestselling author who shares some great thought-leadership insights and hacks, so it’s a firm ‘follow’ from us.

3. Digital PR Examples (@DigitalPREx)

A hub of work, tips, and interesting articles, Digital PR Examples does what it says on the tin – it shares some of brands’ best marketing campaigns all in one place.

It’s visual, engaging, and original, so if you’re searching for your next moment of inspiration, you might just find it here.

4. Susie Dent (@susie_dent)

As an army of wordsmiths, one of the Twitter accounts we love keeping up to date with is Susie Dent’s – you may know her as the lexicographer in Countdown’s Dictionary Corner.

Sharing weird and wonderful etymological anecdotes, if you’re into learning new vocabulary and find the history and origins of words fascinating, this one’s for you!

5. Think with Google (@ThinkwithGoogle)

A stream which covers all of Google’s latest trends and insights, this profile is great for marketers looking for top tips to keep abreast of all-things brand-building, digital transformation, and consumer trends.

6. Campaign (@Campaignmag)
A dedicated advertising marketing, and media magazine, Campaign shares the latest news in all these fields – as well as including thought-leadership content from branding innovators.

7. Disruptive Live (@disruptivelive)
Disruptive Live is another of our favourite profiles here at Scriba HQ, as it’s a great place to get the download on all-things tech – featuring thought-leadership interviews and trends news.

The online show also hosts its own tech podcast, which is great for listening to industry innovators talk about their knowledge and experiences within the sector, as well as finding out more about the latest developments in cloud computing, Internet of Things, AI, and more.

8. Scriba PR (@ScribaPR)

Last but not least, we have a shameless plug for our very own Twitter channel.

If you’re keen to find out more about brands that work in quirky, technical sectors – such as waste and recycling, demolition, technology, electrical engineering, marketing automation, finance, HR, mineral planning, and telecoms law, to name a few – hit the ‘follow’ button.

We also share thought-leadership news and guest blogs, too!

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Written by Amy Lloyd