Hold the phone, we’re a Prolific North Top 50 PR agency!

“And… up 10 spots is Scriba PR, coming in at number 38!” – read in the voice of a cool radio DJ.

That’s right folks, today we’re cracking open the fizz and enjoying a (socially distanced) celebration as we’ve been listed as a Prolific North Top 50 PR agency! While it almost seems a little bit crass to be blowing our own trumpet, we hope you’ll let us off with this humble brag.

Prolific North, the region’s leading platform for PR and marketing news, has chalked us up in 38th place (that’s a jump of 10 spots from 2019) – and the only Huddersfield agency on the list.

We’re always over the moon when we’re recognised for our efforts, but this one feels that ‘extra bit special’ in light of the challenges we – and every one of our peers – has faced over the past six months.

The list reflects financial achievements and successes across 2019-20, analysing business factors such as employee and client headcount, turnover and profit figures. And, while we’re in no way out of the woods yet, this gives us a well-earned boost and reignites that fire in our bellies.

Sitting in the company of real PR giants is a humbling thought, particularly as six months ago – when lockdown arrived – we saw more than £284,000 of retainer work paused. For a team of ten (8FTE), that’s a lot!

We knew 2020 was going to be a test for us. A big one.

Our managing director Katie Mallinson said to us all as we strapped ourselves in for the ‘Corona coaster’ test: “how we behave during this time is how we will be remembered,” and boy was she right.

We were careful to ensure there was no animosity – clients were honest with us and needed our help to stay afloat. All were clear it was only temporary but, equally, most admitted that the pauses were indefinite.

Other clients maintained their comms investment – some, in sectors such as tech, remained extremely busy and strategically focused, while others found themselves concentrating on reactive ‘needs must’ communications to prevent rumour mills going into overdrive. Whatever the brief, most of these organisations needed us more than ever.

For that reason, Katie didn’t put any colleagues on furlough. In our world of technical PR, our clients are very niche, so to pass them to a new member of a consolidated team who knew comparatively little about them, just didn’t feel like an option.

Fast forward to mid-September, six rollercoaster months after lockdown hit, and we’ve replaced every pound of lost revenue – and some – with either un-paused, upsold or new work. We’ve also welcomed an additional colleague into the team and are spending today interviewing for another. Phew!

While we all share in the celebrations of the listing, Katie, this one’s for you. You continue to inspire us all every day – and run Scriba PR how an organisation should be. We’re proud to call Scriba our home, and are grateful for the opportunities you give to each one of us.

Thank you Prolific North for this recognition, and a big congratulations to everyone in the list!

For the top 50 PR agencies report, visit HERE.

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Written by Ruth Harrison-Davies