How could video benefit your brand comms?

Whether on your own website or across social media channels, sharing relevant content is a brilliant way to improve brand awareness and engagement. As well as showcasing your services or products, digital spaces provide a great platform for demonstrating your involvement and interest in wider issues within your industry, region or the broader business landscape.

But amongst a sea of social media chatter and organisations vying for attention, how can you ensure your posts aren’t lost beneath the digital depths?

Well, just as variety is the spice of life, embracing multimedia will add some zing to your content too! When it comes to maximising impact and shareability, video can be a fantastic format to master. There are plenty of different types to choose from – all serving different purposes – so why not experiment and see what works for your business?

Brand videos

An extension of more traditional branding collateral – including business cards, letterheads, and website – these should be consistent in style and tone of voice with your other materials. Providing another avenue for potential clients and customers to find out more about your business, brand videos can help tell your story, showcase your company values, and highlight what makes you unique.

Vlogs and webinars

Whilst not for the shy and retiring, vlogs and webinars are brilliant ways to showcase your expertise and boost your profile as an industry expert. If you don’t mind the spotlight being on you, these offer an opportunity for you to explore important topics and trends in real depth. An engaging and informative alternative to written blogs, webinars are also a great platform for hosting Q&As, presenting the chance to interact with industry peers and other influential figures. Plus, producing and posting these on a regular basis can help build a loyal following – much in the same way as podcasts.


Offering advice is a popular PR tactic for industry professionals wanting to showcase their expertise, so explainer videos are a fantastic way of approaching this advice-led method from an alternative, engaging angle. These could take the form of a walk-through demo of a new product or service, or guidance on a pertinent industry-related topic. Both animations and talking-head style footage are effective for this type of video – just ensure that the format and content you go with fits the tone of voice across the rest of your branding.

Event reels

If you’re running an event, don’t focus solely on the preparatory publicity and overlook the brand-boosting potential of content that reflects on the occasion. Whether you enlist a videographer or take a more DIY approach to capturing highlights on the day, collating a short edit of the event to post on your website and social media is a great way to maximise its PR potential. Plus, if you’re planning something similar in the future, that initial footage will be brilliant for promo videos nearer the time.

Meet the team

No one’s better placed to talk about your company culture than the people at its heart, so creating a short ‘meet the team’ video to sit on your website can be a chance to communicate exactly what your business is all about. As well as really demonstrating your values and introducing key members of the team, this type of content is immensely shareable on social media and can provide a great boost to recruitment efforts.

Testimonials and reviews

As with employee-led footage, video testimonials and reviews from happy clients and customers are one of the most credible formats for sharing positive feedback.

Keeping videos short and sweet will minimise the effort required from willing participants, whilst planning questions to structure the conversation is a great way to keep them on track – just ensure you ask in a way that encourages straightforward answers.

Authenticity is key here, so it’s important that testimonials don’t appear scripted. However, you do still have some control over what elements of your service you want clients to focus on – a few well-thought-out, subtle prompts can work wonders!

Still need convincing? Check out this short example for some animated inspiration…
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Written by Katie Coxall

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