My work experience week at Scriba with Hannah Henry

My work experience week here at Scriba has been eye opening to say the least - I was exposed to a completely new and exciting environment that had so many different tasks for me to explore. Without a doubt,it had its challenges - just like any new experience - but I would definitely do this again as it has helped me get a feel for what a week at work really is like.

On my first day, I helped down at reception because the rest of the team were in their end of month meeting. This was a good experience for me as it gave me some insight into a variety of work tasks, before I started my journey with Scriba.

On my second and third days, I was kindly welcomed by all the staff at Scriba, who were lovely to me throughout the entire week. They were always there to help if I needed it, which calmed my nerves down straight away. I was set off with a few research tasks for a range of topics and clients. I really enjoyed this as it was a completely new challenge - but once I got the hang of it, I was raring to go and completed as much as I could for each business. Having multiple tasks to juggle was very exciting for me as I had never done anything like this before. I felt as though I was constantly learning as I researched each new task.

On my fourth and final day I was given a few fun tasks to complete, one being to make designs for this year's Christmas cards and another being to have a go at writing my first blog. This was extremely exciting for me as it was fun and different. It was also quite challenging as I had never done anything like this before and I wanted to get them to as strong a standard as I could. When I had finished the tasks I felt so much more at ease. Everyone was so grateful and kind when looking over the work I had completed for them.

The team at Scriba PR taught me so much throughout my week with them. It is a very interesting profession that has a wide variety of tasks to complete  - which means it’s unlikely to get repetitive. I’m looking forward to taking my new skills forward into the working world with me when I leave school.

Thank you Scriba!

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