Nobody likes change… Unless you’re joining the Scriba team!

It’s hard to believe my first week at Scriba is almost complete, but I have never been surer of my decision to become part of the team.

The past few years have seen my working life based in my home office – hiding away from pandemics, politics, and other people. It was very easy to get settled into the routine of an elusive hermit and, after a certain period, the idea of heading back into an office became a daunting one.

There was a certain degree of trepidation when getting ready for my first day back at ‘big school’.  Will the other kids like me? Will I be good at the work? Is my pencil case the funky kind? Lucky for me, I got in with the ‘cool crew’ straight away – because it’s everyone who works here.

From the moment I arrived at Scriba, I was embraced by a sea of welcoming faces, encouraging words, and a ‘new starter pack’ filled with everything you need to know about the Scriba SENSE and spark.

Plus, have you ever seen your name in knit form? Because I have – thanks to Katie Mallinson and the woolwinder. I felt instantly settled. Which was just as well, because here at Scriba, we go from 0-60mph – fast!

Following a highlight reel of the company and a tour around the office, we were straight into meetings, training, and organisation! Coming from an events background, I was able to get my teeth straight into some planning, creating a template for the rest of the team to work from – which was a lot of fun.

There has been no shortage of ideas and inspiration, as well as plenty of coffee, treats, and friendly advice, throughout my first few days here – an incredibly welcome change after 3+ years in social Siberia. Nobody hands you lemon drizzle cake over Zoom do they? (Note: This is a feature I strongly believe Zoom should be working on.)

At the end of the week, I’m excited to dive deeper into my role, take on more responsibilities, and really show what I am made of. When you’re surrounded by so many talented people, you can’t wait to learn and grow with them!

Lo Cooper

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