Scriba PR introduces digital detox day for employees

There’s no denying the digital era has significantly changed the press and PR landscape. Not only has it reshaped the way we receive and consume media, it has evolved the way we report on it to no end.

And while the repercussions of this shift continue to be debated – with professionals exploring how to leverage emerging opportunities whilst simultaneously dwelling on the downsides – there’s one thing that’s certain: operating in the digital world can be overwhelming at times.

From drafting copy and liaising with journalists, to researching industry news and exploring upcoming opportunities for our clients, it’s all-hands-on keyboards from one day to the next. Of course, it’s a job we each enjoy, but that’s not to say we don’t appreciate a refresh every now and again.

That’s why Scriba PR’s latest initiative is such a welcome one for the team. Understanding the importance of disconnecting for the day, founder and managing director of Scriba PR, Katie Mallinson, has added an annual ‘digital detox day’ to the firm’s growing list of employee benefits.

On one chosen working day per year, employees are encouraged to take a day of paid leave, and schedule a break from technology – all in aid of improving physical and mental health, increasing attention span, enhancing problem-solving and analytical skills, reducing stress, and boosting creativity.

But there’s one catch! Slip up and get caught scrolling, and the guilty team member will sacrifice their day’s salary to charity. Successfully last 24 hours without digital distractions, and reap the rewards of Scriba PR’s latest perk.

Commenting on the new initiative, Katie said:

“The idea of a digital detox isn’t new, of course – but it’s a concept that’s constantly changing. And the impact of technology on health and wellbeing is evolving at a significant pace – particularly as the ‘always-on’ working culture grows.

“With screens now a firm part of our lives –both in the office and at home – it can be easy to feel overloaded. But, naturally, turning off completely can feel just as overwhelming – that’s why it’s so important just to turn the dials down every now and again. Hopefully, this nudge of encouragement will provide that much-needed opportunity for rest and reflection amongst the collective.”

The question is, what would you do with your day off? 

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