Scriba PR launches new MDaaS solution

The written word is  fundamental to everything we do - but sometimes words alone aren’t enough. We recognise that businesses often require an extra level of strategic support to achieve their goals — which is exactly why we’ve launched our brand new ‘Marketing Director as a Service’ (MDaaS) solution.

Communicating complex ideas through engaging copy is a Scriba specialism, and one which helps us elevate our client’s presence and successfully articulate brand stories. However, the impact of our words is dependent on having the right marketing strategy in place, which for some organisations, can be a real challenge. 

The day to day duties of running a business can mean that marketing strategies are often overlooked or implemented incorrectly. Perhaps there isn’t a solid plan underpinning which services are needed, or sometimes, there simply isn't enough internal resource to keep everything moving at the pace and quality required. This can be extremely restrictive to an organisation’s long-term growth and delay progress in hitting specific goals or milestones.

To truly thrive as a business, the eyes of a Marketing Director are needed – and we are here to be them for organisations who need them. Our new MDaaS represents our ability to become a bolt-on comms department for clients’ businesses, regardless of location. 

As part of this service, our team can devise, oversee, and in some instances partially or entirely execute clients’ marketing strategies — including the management of budgets and C-suite reporting. Where complementary marketing services are required, we will draw upon our decade-long partner network, or take care of the tender process for a new third party, as required.

Whatever the location and whatever the brief — our new service will enable us to thoroughly influence our client’s business objectives and help them better navigate the world of marketing and communications.

Speaking about the new service, Katie Mallison, founder and managing director said:

“When Scriba was first established, the goal was to support organisations who believed their stories were too complex to tell. As our reputation has grown, so too has the number of businesses we’ve been able to help — including those who don’t even speak English as their first language. Yet our focus has remained the same — making sense of these often tricky businesses and ensuring our words have an impact.

“Now, as we approach our tenth anniversary, we’re marking Scriba’s next chapter by formalising the breadth and depth of the strategic support we offer. Anything that treads beyond the written word will be managed by us but delivered via a partner, giving clients the peace of mind that the right support is being delivered by the right people, at the right time. 

“That’s not to say every client will need such a comprehensive suite of services, so we’ll still provide everything from ad hoc copywriting assistance up to multi-day-per month retainers, and more. But for clients without any internal marketing resource — or organisations that need to bolster the return on investment from their existing activities — the MDaaS proposition allows them to scale their marketing efforts, quickly, and strategically.

To find out more about our new service, click here.

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