Spark up conversation with… Kat Plant

Every month, a member of the Scriba team shares some insight into their role, as well as revealing some of the words – or phrases – that are meaningful to them. Next up, it’s client relations manager... Kat Plant

1. Which of Scriba’s B2B sectors do you enjoy working in most?

I can’t pick – I’m grateful to have the perfect mix! I’m excited to apply my previous experience in brand and tech industries, however the complex wonders of industrial waste management are fascinating new sectors for me to uncover!

2. What’s your Scriba ‘specialism’?

With a primary focus on ensuring our wonderful clients are satisfied and feel cared for, I love making sure everyone - both team and client side - are on the same page and happy. In short, I’m here to help. As the least ‘wordy’ of the gang, I bring a different perspective to the table… usually by doodling things out.

3. Sum up Scriba in just one word:


4. What’s the most recent word you learnt?

It’s two but it’s ‘anaerobic digestion’… (thank you Google for that one!)

5. Tell us how you got into PR in less than 50 words.

I was lucky to meet Katie through a Scriba client recommendation and instantly liked her work style and ethos. Lunch and a natter led to a realisation that I could help build the link between clients and team. Katie understood how to create an amazing culture and (awesome) flexible working.

6. What word do you always struggle to spell?

Professional… (Which, ironically, is incredibly unprofessional!)

7. Which word or phrase would you like to put into Room 101?

‘That’s got legs’ *shudder.

8. Share one power track which is the perfect way to start your day

Currently obsessed with Kate Bush ‘Running up that Hill’ (thanks to Stranger Things S4).

9. Where would you spend a free day off work?

At the seaside with my little family – I love being by the coast.

10. Which word would you hope your colleagues would use to describe you?


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Written by Kat Plant

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