Spark up conversation with... Philippa Ogden

It's that time again to put a member of the Scriba PR team into the hot seat — and who better than our latest edition, Philippa Ogden. Get to know our new copywriter Philippa and what really makes her tick…
1.    Which of Scriba’s B2B sectors do you enjoy working in most?

I’m lucky enough to be involved with a wide range of Scriba clients, but I am particularly passionate about clients which focus on sustainability. 

It’s amazing to see how progressive the sustainability sector is and exciting to write about the technologies and initiatives being engaged with by forward thinking businesses as they work towards a greener future. As a copywriter, no day is the same and I feel grateful to be in a role where I’m continually learning about niche industries. 

2.    What’s your Scriba ‘specialism’?

I write the words! I am responsible for articulating the stories, ideas and news that are integral to a PR agency for our wide array of clients. Although the whole team does writing in some capacity, this is my main duty and I write everything from technical articles and whitepapers through to blogs, case studies and more.

3.    Sum up Scriba in just one word


4.    What’s the most recent word you learnt?

Tenacious. I’ll definitely be incorporating it into my day-to-day language. 

5.    Tell us how you got into PR in less than 50 words.

After studying History at Newcastle Uni, I didn’t know what I wanted my career to look like — I only knew that I loved writing. I got a job as a writer and researcher for a marketing agency, then as a copywriter — and here I am.

6.    What word do you always struggle to spell?

Separately. I even typed it incorrectly just now!

7.    Which word or phrase would you like to put into Room 101?

Any business jargon that overcomplicates a simple concept or idea. See: “Let’s unpack that statement” and “Let’s touch base”.

8.    Share one power track which is the perfect way to start your day

Any track from Bela Fleck’s Drive album.

9.    Where would you spend a free day off work?

Reading or practicing music at home with a coffee and some kind of tasty treat. 

10.  Which word would you hope your colleagues would use to describe you?


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Written by Philippa Ogden

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