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LinkedIn announces shiny new updates, Currys and Guinness nail their recent campaigns, and the Scriba team gain millions, yes millions, of impressions for a nation-wide social campaign. Here, we discuss the latest news from the communications landscape and how these updates can influence brands and businesses in refining their own strategies.
Brands can finally schedule LinkedIn posts

It’s arrived: company pages can now pre-schedule LinkedIn posts natively! The professional networking and business platform now allows brands to access a free, built-in scheduling tool — ensuring fresh, relevant, and engaging content reaches their audience seamlessly.

There are some limitations to be aware of though. The update does not enable scheduling events, image carousels, reshares, polls, jobs or services — meaning there will be a handful of iterations to come before the tool is completely hassle-free. 

Regardless of these small drawbacks, these initial steps in making features more accessible to smaller organisations, and integrating competitive add-ons offered by other tools, is certainly an exciting step for content managers.

Rosie Holt, copywriter

Long life Tech by Currys

Currys recently launched an ad campaign — 'Long life Tech' — aimed at helping the nation to recycle its pre-loved tech items and reducing the number of appliances that are landfilled.

This environmentally focused stunt caught our eye as it echoes the message of one of our large waste and recycling clients, UNTHA — who recently partnered with One Minute Briefs to launch its own consumer-awareness campaign around the recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).

In the Currys example, we loved how these items were 'brought to life' and generated intrigue for unsuspecting members of the public. It's great to see more household brands focusing on promoting sustainability and the notion of 'waste' being seen as a valuable resource — bravo!

Amy Lloyd, senior account manager

No monkey business with BeFibre and OMB

With telecoms providers across the UK planning to hike up household bills by a whopping 17.3% from April 1, our broadband provider client, BeFibre, decided it was time to make a stand – and called in the OMBLES.

Avid followers of Scriba PR will know we’re big fans of the social media powerhouse that is One Minute Briefs, namely because of its ability to bring the noise! So, when BeFibre asked us to help raise awareness of the fact that with BeFibre, there are no sneaky in-contract price hikes — we knew just who to call.

Our #DropTheHike campaign generated some seriously heavyweight entries – 159 of them, in fact – from over 100 different creators. For BeFibre, that equated to 19-21 million impressions, 1,200+ mentions and 700+ retweets – oh and we trended on Twitter too.

From broadband that’s fast not furious, to avoiding being ‘fleeced’ on your provider’s deal, the OMBLES weren’t ‘monkeying around’ with their entries – check out our shortlist of 17, here.

Ruth Harrison-Davies, account director

There's no such thing as a stupid question

Always ask the stupid question. That's one piece of advice on interviewing from acclaimed journalist Helen Lewis in the latest installment of her free newsletter, The Bluestocking. Here's another one. 

While writers tend to shy away from commenting on the physical appearance of their interviewees nowadays, for obvious reasons, she points out if they have blue hair or wear spats, they want to tell you something about themselves - and it's OK to notice. 

Helen is a mine of insight and information for content creators everywhere, journalistic or otherwise.

Jenny Gibson, editorial excellence manager 

Holding out for a ZERO

Last month we saw a whole host of campaigns surrounding the festivities of St Patrick’s Day. However, our favourite was Guinness’ biggest responsible drinking campaign to date.

‘Holding out for a zero’ saw the famous stout brand celebrate its non-alcoholic option with a tableful of pints singing along to 80s star, Bonnie Taylor, in an amusing idea that initially came from TikTok. 

A total of 50,000 pints of 0% Guinness were given out for free over the course of St Paddy’s weekend, with some pubs even rebranding their names with the 0.0 Guinness signage. 

This is a great example of how responsible and carefully-crafted messaging can contribute to a creative, enjoyable and fun campaign, in a way only a brand like Guiness could.

Bethany Lunt, account manager 

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Written by Alice Kelly