This is what flexible working is REALLY about

Today is my last day as a full-time employee at Scriba before becoming a fully-fledged ‘digital nomad’. I’m off to travel the world while continuing to do what I love, for a company that I love.

Travel has always been a passion of mine and ever since I set off around the world at 19, I vowed to do it again. Seven years later I’m able to do it, with the full support of all my Scriba colleagues.

Flexibility at its finest

I joined Scriba in March 2022 as an account manager intern, with the prospect of jetting off on my travels in the summer. Although it’s only been a short time, my time at the company has been so rewarding and I’ve really enjoyed getting to know my co-workers and clients.

Writing about all things tech, business, and more is something I love, and working with a team that is so positive and uplifting, would have been hard to walk away from – albeit for a once-in-a-lifetime trip.

So, when Katie floated the idea of flexible work whilst I’m away, there was no chance I was going to turn it down. This means I can carry on writing for our clients, contributing to the success of the company, and stay close to my colleagues while I’m halfway around the world. This is flexible work at its best.

Writing from all corners of the globe

My first stop is India, where myself and my travel buddy will head up north into the mountains to experience the home of yoga, amazing food, and will pop over to see the Dalai Lama if we’re lucky.

From there, we head to the sunny islands in Indonesia to do some diving and see the dragons on Komodo Island. Before landing in New Zealand to pick up a campervan, which we’ll travel around the country in for a couple of months.

After this, our plans are open. Australia, the Philippines, and Southeast Asia are on the cards, as well as South America. Who knows where we’ll end up! But I do know that I’ll have my laptop and a bunch of interesting writing to keep me pre-occupied whilst I’m waiting for a bus or flight to the next destination.

While leaving home behind to go off on an extended adventure is scary, it’s comforting to know that I have Katie and the team behind me, ready to welcome me back. To be able to work whilst I’m on the move will offer me stability and will keep my brain working in preparation for returning to my role.

I’ve been incredibly lucky to have been offered this opportunity with a company that understands exactly what flexible working should be.

Next stop, India!

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Written by Ellie Byrne