Using PR to propel your brand launch

What makes a brand launch successful? James Bornshin, senior designer at our sister agency The Bigger Boat, describes the importance of using PR to maximise a launch - and the exact steps to take before sharing a new brand or a rebrand out into the world.

Launching a brand is more than just a single moment - it marks the start of a whole new story, and a perfect opportunity to resonate with the right people. While some companies unveil a new logo and leave the rest to chance, that's not how it works. A successful brand launch is the result of strategic planning and designing, and it’s important to do this with PR in mind.

Here, we outline the holy trinity of a solid brand launch - from setting the foundations with strategy, to bringing the vision to life, and then amplifying it with the power of PR.

1. Define your vision

Without fixed and strategic reference points, the brand launch can become lost. Long before your grand reveal, you need a strong brand strategy

  • Why are you launching or relaunching the brand? 

  • Who is it for? 

  • Where will they find you? 

  • What do you offer that no one else does?

These principles will shape your brand identity and provide a roadmap for your launch journey. Quite often, brands trying to figure this out can feel totally at sea. That’s why, at The Bigger Boat, we always recommend a Think Big brand workshop, so we can understand a business and its customer journey. These sessions help our clients make choices about their brand, embrace ideas, and immerse in the depth of the brand’s story so that it carries a long-lasting impact, rather than a fleeting concept. That way, we can recommend worthwhile marketing and PR activity that best meets our client’s short- and long-term objectives.

2. Bring your vision to life

Once your strategy is in place, the actual branding or rebranding can begin. This is where you tap into everything uncovered in your brand workshop groundwork. From logos to colour schemes to tone of voice - everything should resonate with your ‘why’, your stories, and your message. Consistency is key to creating a memorable and impactful brand identity - and a big part of this is your internal launch. 

Not only do you want to get your team onboard, you want them to be able to communicate the new brand identity the same way as intended. PR also plays an important role in internal communications, and part of my role is creating assets in advance for internal PR activity such as designing brand guidelines, emails (for staff, partners, customers, vendors etc), merchandise, presentations, or webpages for brand launch staff events.

3. Share your vision with your team - and the world

Now you’ve got to the heart of your brand and have all assets created for your launch or relaunch, you’re in the perfect position for PR activity. There’s no point bringing a new brand into the world if you don’t talk about it, after all. 

By putting in all the groundwork, you can better figure out the most relevant publication for your brand to secure an exclusive announcing your launch. You can send out your press release on the same day for other sector-specific publications to follow - or look for paid-for advertorials. Clarifying your brand makes it easier to look out for themes and topics you can shoehorn your key spokespeople into - who can then talk about the new brand and product proposition. 

As well as blogging and social posts from your brand’s company page, staff can also share the news from their own personal pages on LinkedIn, using the content you’ve strategically prepared.

PR works best for a brand with a strategically thought-out identity. But if you’re still scratching your head about basic brand values, your comms may get confusing. The perfect brand launch integrates all of these elements - strategy, design, and PR. Still, not every company is doing this - and that’s what’ll make you stand out above the competition.

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Written by James Bornshin