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Effective communication has always been an important part of brand strategy, and never has it been put more into focus than over the past 12 months.

As we all know, the challenging and uncertain nature of the pandemic has not only tested businesses’ resilience and adaptability to survive but has highlighted the unwavering need to stay connected with customers and deliver campaigns which inspire hope and positivity.

But the pandemic has caused every company and employee to react differently.

While some firms opted for silence, others chose to over-communicate. The result? Neither had the desired positive consequences, as the narrative was either non-existent or lost in a busy sea of noise.

The key learning for organisations large and small was – and remains – to keep talking, but in a considered and strategic way.

And that’s why we’ve been working on something exciting behind the scenes. With the help of some respected business leaders, we’ve created a resource that you can share far and wide to help us all become better communicators.

Full of thought-provoking learnings, tips, and reflections from those on the ‘frontline’ of companies, we hope you find a golden nugget in there that will help you to keep talking.

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Written by Katie Mallinson

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