Spark up conversation with… Bethany Lunt

Each month, we’re shining the spotlight on one of our Scriba colleagues — giving our readers the chance to get to know a new member of the team. Next up, it’s account manager, Bethany Lunt…

1.    Which of Scriba’s B2B sectors do you enjoy working in most?

I work across a multitude of Scriba clients — from environmental consultancy to HR technology, and electrical engineering. But I have to admit holding a soft spot for clients that operate within  the telecommunications sector – not something I thought I’d be saying after studying a fashion degree! The opportunity to continue learning about niche industries — and to be trusted with complex communications strategies – is something to be proud of. 

2.    What’s your Scriba ‘specialism’?

I enjoy being the ‘glue’ on client accounts at Scriba. However, I’m also in my element creating something eye-catching — whether that be an engaging social media graphic or a monthly e-newsletter.  

3.    Sum up Scriba in just one word


4.    What’s the most recent word you learnt?

Scrupulous – one of our recent words of the week!

5.    Tell us how you got into PR in less than 50 words.

I studied fashion marketing at university, but soon discovered a passion for communicating on behalf of more technical, gritty organisations. Having been part of the Scriba team in previous years, I have recently been welcomed back to the fold, to help bolster the client services team as an account manager. 

6.    What word do you always struggle to spell?


7.    Which word or phrase would you like to put into Room 101?

‘Let’s circle back’.

8.    Share one power track which is the perfect way to start your day

Not so much a power track, but Upside Down by Jack Johnson is a firm favourite for the AM!

9.    Where would you spend a free day off work?

Probably at a spa so I can completely switch off – something I’ll definitely be using my Digital Detox Day for!

10.  Which word would you hope your colleagues would use to describe you?


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Written by Bethany Lunt

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