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This month, we’re diving into the ever-evolving communications landscape — from effective public relations strategies, Instagram's exciting new feature, Google's evolving search algorithm, and the importance of sustainable choices in our everyday lives. Join us as our team of experts shares valuable insights on these intriguing subjects.

A guide to cutting through the noise from Vuelio 

In the world of business, perception is everything. An effective communication strategy plays a pivotal role in shaping how the public views your organisation. A new guide from Vuelio delves into the essential facets of public relations that determine how your business is perceived by key stakeholders. 

From crafting resonant messaging to cultivating trust and likability, as PR and communication professionals, we employ a diverse range of practices to define and maintain brand personality. Explore the multifaceted world of communication strategies, drawing from the insights of behavioural scientist Jennifer Aaker's Dimensions of Brand Personality (1997) and more.

Ellie Byrne, account manager 

Creators deepening connections with followers 

In an exciting announcement, Instagram has unveiled its latest feature — Broadcast Channels. This new addition promises to redefine the way we experience live broadcasts and discover fresh content, offering a dynamic and immersive platform for both creators and viewers. 

The development has already seen excellent results in the US, with accounts like @armaniblanco and @justmaiko receiving unparalleled engagement from fans —whether sharing sneak peeks of upcoming content, asking for feedback via polls, or sharing candid moments via voice notes.

We’re looking forward to seeing how this innovative feature will further transform theInstagram experience for ourselves and our clients.

Rosie Holt, copywriter 

Content remains key against Google’s algorithm 

In 2016, Google's Andrey Lipattsev identified links as one of the top three factors for Google Search rankings, alongside content and RankBrain. However, in 2023, Gary Illyes from the Google Search team stated that links are no longer among the top three ranking factors. 

While they still hold significance, Illyes emphasised that Google's algorithm has evolved significantly, placing more importance on machine learning, natural language understanding, and other relevance signals. 

Kat Plant, client relations manager 

Drinking (environmentally) responsibly 

The Green Pub Guide for 2023, powered by Heineken SmartDispense, is making a return, emphasising sustainability in people’s pub choices. A recent survey of 2,000 adults, sponsored by Heineken's SmartDispense technology, revealed that 18% of pub-goers now consider an establishment’s environmental credentials, including food waste and recycling rates, before deciding to visit. 

However, 30% of respondents expressed feeling overwhelmed by conflicting advice on sustainability. Nearly half (49%) of those surveyed prefer to support sustainable businesses, and 38% are willing to pay extra for sustainable options. Despite this, 53% remain unaware of the environmental impact of visiting pubs, bars, or restaurants. The Green Pub Guide aims to help people discover and support sustainable venues, with numerous environmentally friendly Northern establishments featured — such as Manchester's Rose & Monkey Hotel and Huddersfield's Harvey's Bar and Kitchen. A fantastic step for pubs, and the planet. 

Alice Kelly, international communications manager 

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