Spark up conversation with… Jade Parkinson

It’s that time again where a member of the Scriba team gets involved in a Q&A. Next up this month is our PR executive, Jade Parkinson.

1.      Which of Scriba’s B2B sectors do you enjoy working in most?

To be honest, all of them! I’m fairly new at Scriba so I’m still learning the ropes and getting to know all the different sectors we work in. Each client has such an interesting story to tell.

2.      What’s your Scriba ‘specialism’? (describe what it means)

My strength is organisation — I love to plan and have everything in order. This means my day-to-day responsibilities are extremely varied — one minute I can be liaising with journalists for feature opportunities, the next I can be making travel arrangements and preparing the Scriba office for a client visit.

3.      Sum up Scriba in just one word (can’t use innovative or honest)


4.      What’s the most recent word you learnt?

Unequivocal – leaving no doubt; unambiguous.

5.      Tell us how you got into PR in less than 50 words.

I had worked in the village of Lindley, close to Scriba’s HQ,  for a number of years. A mutual connection with one of the Scriba team  presented the opportunity to embark on a new career path within the PR industry — I’m so glad I took the leap of faith!

6.      What word do you always struggle to spell?

Absolutely – I always seem to get the ‘e’ and ‘l’ the wrong way around.

7.      Which word or phrase would you like to put into Room 101?

YOLO – I still can’t believe this has actually made its way into the dictionary!

8.      Share one power track which is the perfect way to start your day

Anything by The Beautiful South.

9.      Where would you spend a free day off work?

Enjoying quality time with my family and friends — maybe even with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc in hand!

10.   Which word would you hope your colleagues would use to describe you?



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